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Create - Celebrate - Decorate!

Increase your profits with the Qualatex MasterBow System by adding custom made bows to your existing offerings. Ribbon and bows are perfect for:

  • Gift Baskets
  • Flowers
  • Balloons
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Special Events
  • And more!



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How to Purchase

Bows are a perfect add-on to gifts, floral arrangements, and bouquets of balloons. Your customers will pay for added-value, which adds profit to your bottom line. Masterbow ribbon and bows add that extra-special touch to Qualatex balloon designs.

Qualatex Masterbow can be ordered direct by calling: 


Qualatex MasterBow System

Take bow making to a highly profitable level with the complete Qualatex MasterBow System. The system includes everything you need to consistently make 6" - 16" bows with up to three different ribbons! Use with Masterbow Poly Ribbon to create bows that will amaze your customers.

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Plain Poly

A rainbow of colors are available in this matte-finished polypropylene ribbon. Designed to coordinate with Qualatex BalloonRibbon and balloons, use it alone for everyday occasions, and with printed textured ribbons for special occasions.


200 yard rolls

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Qualatex BalloonRibbon™

  • Smooth, non-crimped finish
  • 500 yard rolls
  • Minimum 6 rolls per case
  • 20 colors available
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IncrediBow™ Pull Bows

16" and 24" Sizes!

Attract new customers with this exciting bow category. Offered in two sizes, the Pull Bows are made with a unique lacquer and metallic finish on both sides.

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Make Tassels Using MasterBow Poly Ribbon!