IncrediBow™ Pull Bows

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16", 20", and 24" Sizes!

Attract new customers with this exciting new addition to the bow category. Offered in three sizes, the Pull Bows are made with a unique lacquer and metallic finish on both sides.

Create the perfect, weather resistant bow in seconds with just 4 steps!

  1. Separate bow tails and find pull strings.
  2. Pull strings to slide through your fingers and loops being to form while keeping pressure on the base of the bow with your fingers. Keep pulling until bow is fully formed when you can't pull the strings anymore.
  3. When the strings are taut, pinch black clip provided in the package around the pull strings as close to the base of the bow as possible until it locks. This keeps the bow's shape.
  4. Cut off the excess pull strings to your desired length (For Attachment) while being careful NOT to cut off the black clip.

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